What does the 2019 theme, ‘creators of culture’ mean?

How to be apart of the festival performances?

How to become a vendor?

How to Volunteer?

The theme “Creators of Culture” was chosen as the 2019 festival of theme to combat the notion that being Black in America is anything more than necessary, beautiful, and of value. In the current climate of our country, we feel that to be of African descent is to be constantly creating and adding to our desired communities, schools, homes, and so much more. For hundreds of years African Americans have created extraordinary music, style, garbs, inventions, literature, and art. To be a creator of culture is to be grounded in your purpose and thriving no matter the circumstance.

Artist and entertains are welcome to register by emailing ConsciousFestArtist@gmail.com. Please note submission does not guarantee a performance slot.

Interested businesses can register by selecting “register” at the top of the Home Page. After registering vendors will receive an invoice for payment to ensure their spot in the 2019 Black Market.

Volunteers are welcomed and are a huge addition to ensure the success of our festival. Those who are interested in volunteering can email, consciousfest@gmail.com to receive a role and direction on the day of the event. Currently the roles needed are the following:

Vendor Coordinators, manage and coordinate all vending operations.

Main Stage Assistants, help Musicians and Sound Crew with various tasks.

Floaters, assist wherever necessary under the guidance of the Event Coordinator.

Location of this years’ festival?

The 2019 ConsciousFest location is, 4057 Evans Ave. St. Louis, Mo 63113. All four intersections will be blocked all day to ensure the safety and comfort of festival goers.

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