Our Black woman have experienced traumas that are unique and proprietary to her and her alone. On so many levels, peace could easily seam out of reach. Too often 'Strong Black Women' need a space be free of burden, pressure, and disillusionment. Please join us in an effort to create a safe space for emotional healing, release & freedom for our Black Women.

I’ve never had place - space where I could be surround by women that look like me and who all want to honestly stop and FEEL... I’ve just been, we’ve all been just going and going - and hurting!! This is a blessing!
— Anonymous


what do I bring?

NOT YOUR MAN - NOT YOUR SON - NOT YOUR DADDY. Bring your daughter - your mother - your aunt. Bring story -  your pursuit for peace. Bring an open heart and willingness to share! Keep in mind - this is meant to be a safe place - a healing circle of black women supporting and pushing one another do the emotional work that it takes to heal and self discover themselves into, what could be for some, a new place of peace. So many of our Black women have never had the chance to STOP and assess the damage from every arrow shot at them on a day-to-day basis. This is a place where you exhale; where you can breathe and be the beautiful and whole creature you were designed to be or at least start the journey. If you feel like bringing your journal, bring it. If you feel like bringing sage, bring it. The most important thing you bring is you!!

How should I dress?

Where whatever you like as long as it's comfortable, freeing and appropriate for the eyes of children as some people will have their children with them in the healing circle.

how are these events monitored?

Black Girl Heal is in partnership with resident Black women who are licensed therapist and counselors. These women help lead and guide the discussion and ensure a safe space is achieved. The therapist make themselves available for one off discussions and help after the event is called to end.

Do you ever do these events for men?

Yep! Black Girl Heal opens up its doors to the full community once a year, for a public apology healing circle. This circle is meant for both men and women to come together with a heart of humility and forgiveness.